Counseling in English (online & onsite)

Counseling in English

(online & onsite)

My approach

As a licensed counseling psychologist, I believe that we all have the resources within us to face challenges and achieve and sustain personal growth and wellbeing. I’ve helped my clients of different ages and backgrounds work through a variety of issues and crises, including:

  • relationship difficulties
  • challenges of young adulthood
  • starting a family, parenting challenges
  • career choices and burnout
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As each individual is unique with their own personal history and challenges, our sessions are without exception tailored to the clients’ needs. Nevertheless, my clients can count on these common traits:

acceptance understanding empathy therapy psychological counseling online

I try to see the world as you see it, while I draw on your resources. During our sessions you can express thoughts and feelings that you didn’t know how or did not dare to formulate before.

I feel it’s a privilege to guide my clients in an examination of the mind, relationships and struggles, and to help them get unstuck and feel better in their skin. I take pleasure not only in the growth of my clients but also in the ripple effect – the influence my clients have upon others.


Ever since I was a young girl, I have been fascinated by the human mind.
This passion drove me to gain a BA in Psychology (UD). I’ve had the chance to study the field at Marshall University (WV, USA), a period which influenced me significantly both professionally and personally. I have an MA in Psychology (BME) with a specialization in Work and Organizational Psychology. After shifting my professional focus from organizations to individuals and families, I am a qualified counseling psychologist (Eötvös Lóránd University).

For further information visit my LinkedIn profile.

Feel free to contact me if:

  • you need career counseling
  • you feel unmotivated or burnt out
  • you have relationship difficulties
  • you have challenges with becoming a parent or with parenting
  • you want to change your family relationships
  • it feels like everything is closing in on you and you feel helpless
  • you are struggling with moving or living away from your home country
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I provide psychological counseling in English and Hungarian, both online and onsite in Nagykanizsa (Zala, Hungary).

New Inquiries

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